keKit [Blender]

Version 2.20   2023-02-03 ISO8601
Copyright © Kjell Emanuelsson - Blender GNU General Public License [GPLv3]
Note: Only the current stable public release of Blender is supported. May or may not work on old (2.8+) or Beta releases.

keKit is a General Tool-Kit Blender Add-on
• The Add-On provides extensive options for customizing & optimizing workflows.
• An all-in-one collection of Scripts, Tools, Macros and Pie-Menus, etc.
• Modular - The kit is composed of separate modules that can be enabled or disabled.
• At your discretion - No preset shortcuts.

Donation-ware: If you find use for it, consider donating!

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Full Documentation:
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▸ Most recent updates: Release Notes
▸ Older updates can be found in the complete Back-logFAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)


First Installation
  • Install zip-file from prefs/add-ons inside Blender. Do not extract zip-file.

  To avoid potential shortcut & prefs-issues when upgrading keKit -
  Follow these instructions exactly:
  • Close blender.
  • Delete the kekit add-on folder manually. (OS specific file path HERE)
  • Replace the kekit add-on folder with the content from the downloaded zip file.
  • Restart blender.

Kit Preferences
  Between Blender version installs, or different computers,
  you can transfer the keKit prefs file from the user config folder.
  • Export/Import keKit prefs in the add-on preferences.
    └─ The keKit prefs file does NOT contain shortcuts, only keKit properties.

General Use
  • keKit is found in the 3d viewport tabs (the "N-panel")
  • Mouse-hover over each script in the keKit panels for tool-tip pop-ups.
  • Right mouse button for shortcut assignment:
    └─ No keKit-default shortcuts are preset - you manage your own shortcuts.

Known Issues
  • keKit is incompatible with 'Simple Tabs' (& likely all tab-managment add-ons):
    └─ Add keKit to the "exclude" feature in Simple Tabs prefs.

--- LINKS ---

▸ keKit demos & other videos on YouTube
▸ Public feedback & discussion at BlenderArtists


Unrotator (Upd)
• Added grid placement functionality (Object & Edit Mode)
  └─ When pointing over nothing, selection will be placed on the grid
  └─ Placement options: VIDEO

Align Origin To Selected (Upd)
• Added Invert z-axis Toggle. Default on. (Easier new bottom orientation)

Itemize (upd)
• keKit panel entry restored. Why not.

Copy+ (Fix)
• (Cut+) Automatically makes sure object is actually selected (not context only)
• Undo improvement.

Extract&Edit (upd)
• Itemize has been integrated with E&E, as a toggle.
  └─ No difference to E&E other than that there can be transforms now
  └─ Copy variant deprecated. (Dupe before E&E, save a shortcut)

Itemize (upd)
• Deprecated. (Operator still available, until the next update)

Copy+ (Upd, New)
• Complete rewrite.
  └─ Both Edit & Object Mode now share the same buffer for more flexibility.
• Buffer is stored until a new Copy+ or Cut+ operation.
  └─ Paste+ unlimited times in Edit & Object mode.
• Paste+ Mouse Point Option added (replacing old "Merge" option)
  └─ (Object Mode) ON:Paste+ Object(s) placed at mouse pointer. OFF:Original location

Context Delete (Upd)
• Context Delete now has the following optional modes:
  └─ Smart Dissolve (S): Dissolves Verts & Edges, Deletes faces.
  └─ Hierarchy Delete (H): (Object Mode) Deletes child-objects too.
  └─ Use Cut+ Buffer (+): Deleted object(s) (or FACES in Edit Mode)
     are stored in the Cut+ buffer - can be used by Paste+

Misc Modeling Pie Menu (Upd)
• Added Shear Tool

TT-Tools (Fix)
• VP & TT tools (parented objects) non-global orientation selection issue fixed.

Context Delete (Fix)
• Hierarchy-delete mode list error fixed

FitPrim (Upd/NEW)Void Size Clone
  └─ FitPrim (Object Mode): Mouse over nothing and with object(s) selected,
     the selection bounding box (total) is used for the new unit primitive's size.
     (Nothing selected: FitPrim default size as before. Edit Mode support TBD)

Context Extude (Upd.)
• Edge Mode: Reverted Edge Extrude+ back to vanilla until EE+ Modal is finished (No ETA)

Misc Modeling Pie Menu (NEW)
• A custom pie menu with "misc" modeling scripts (& vanilla blender tools),
  that I don't use often & are not mouse/view dependent.
  (Not often enough for shortcuts, or I keep forgetting them. +Some I do use, but you might not)

Context Extude (Upd.)
• Edge Mode: Replaced vanilla Edge Extrude with Edge Extrude+

Frame All or Selected (Upd)
• Replaced som uses of vanilla Blender's "Frame All" with custom code:
  └─ Edit mode: Now only frames the mesh. (Vanilla frames *all objects*, even in Edit Mode)
  └─ UV Editor: Now frames all the UVs, (Vanilla just frames the 0-1 space)

Add-On prefs (Fix)
• Doc URL fixed

--- BACK LOG ---

Complete Update Back-log