keKit [Blender]

Pro Version       3.19   2024-02-28 ISO8601
Standard Version  3.18   2024-02-20 ISO8601
Copyright © Kjell Emanuelsson - Blender GNU General Public License [GPLv3]
Note: Only the current stable public release of Blender is supported. May or may not work on old (2.8+) or Beta releases.
keKit is a General Tool-Kit Add-on for Blender

Available as a paid Pro version and as Donation/Tip-ware for the Standard version!
DOWNLOAD (Gumroad)
DOWNLOAD (Blender Market)

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First Installation


  1. Quit Blender
  2. Delete the kekit add-on folder manually (Find HERE)
  3. Do manually extract the new keKit folder from the downloaded zip-file there.
  4. Restart blender

Kit Preferences

General Use



  • [kit] keKit Prefs (NEW)
  • The exported keKit Prefs file now include assigned (keKit) Shortcuts
    • Importing keKit Prefs restores all keKit operator properties
    • Useful if "Remove Add-on" is used, Blender point release upgrades (maybe), Clean installs (any add-on shortcut properties-clearing event)
    • Example Scenario IMAGE
  • No longer auto-exported every restart. Export is now a completely manual process
    • Allowing for custom placement of the exported prefs file - using a pop up file-browser
  • Not backwards compatible with older versions of keKit, and vice versa
    • Once you have upgraded to 3.19, make sure to export prefs in the new format!
  • The new default keKit prefs file name will be versioned (Version nr as a suffix)
    • This is cosmetic & just something to help with file management & backup. You can call the file whatever-you-want.json
  • Tip: After upgrading to 3.19 - Make a habit of exporting your keKit prefs before upgrading keKit, or Blender!
  • [kit] keKit Shortcuts UI (NEW)
  • The keKit Shortcuts sub-menu in Add-on prefs now has a 3-choice Mode selector:
  • List Assigned
    • Shows the currently assigned shortcuts for keKit operators (& pie menus)
  • Find Conflicts
    • Checks for 'possible' conflicts with keKit operators across categories. This is likely to generate mostly false positives. You decide.
  • Find Useless
    • Checks for invalid shortcuts that are assinged to operators that do not exists (not registered). Likely to add up over the years - with operators being removed, changing names & the user prefs always being imported. Probably safe to delete. You decide.
  • [kit] keKit UI (Upd)
  • keKit UI toggle-buttons no longer requires reload add-ons or restart to update. Some did, some didn't - Now all of them will auto-update
  • Added toggle-button for Object Context Menu Extras ('Show in outliner' & 'Set Active Collection') added by the Select & Align Module
  • [Render] Sync Material & Viewport (Upd/New)
  • Will now (attempt to) calculate an average color if an sRGB image is used for Color
  • Now available in keKit Render panel as well (not just in the Material properties panel)
  • Relabeled from "Sync to Viewport Display"
  • The Render panel button will process ALL the objects materials
  • The Material properties button will process the currently active material only
  • [Render] Render Visible / Slot Cycle (Fix)
  • Fixed "is running" check so it can no longer get stuck reporting "already running" - in rare cases disabling the operators
  • [Render] BG Sync (Fix)
  • Will now sync correctly if the background image has been removed from the Texture Node
  • [Context] Context Delete (Fix)
  • Separate handling for Edit Mode (requires only active/context object) & Object Mode (requires a selected object)









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