keKit [Blender]

Version 2.22   2023-03-23 ISO8601
Copyright © Kjell Emanuelsson - Blender GNU General Public License [GPLv3]
Note: Only the current stable public release of Blender is supported. May or may not work on old (2.8+) or Beta releases.

keKit is a General Tool-Kit Add-on for Blender • The Add-On provides extensive options for customizing & optimizing workflows. • An all-in-one collection of Scripts, Tools, Macros and Pie-Menus, etc. • Modular - The kit is composed of separate modules that can be enabled or disabled. • At your discretion - No preset shortcuts.
Donation-ware: If you find use for it, consider donating! ┌──────────┐ │ DOWNLOAD │ └──────────┘ (--> Gumroad) Full Documentation: ┌──────┐ │ WIKI │ └──────┘ ▸ Most recent updates: Release Notes ▸ Older updates can be found in the complete Back-logFAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) --- INSTRUCTIONS ---
First Installation • Install zip-file from prefs/add-ons inside Blender. (Do not extract zip-file) Updating To avoid potential shortcut & prefs-issues when upgrading keKit - Follow these instructions exactly: • Close blender. • Delete the kekit add-on folder manually. (Find HERE) • Replace with the folder in the downloaded zip file (unzip here). • Restart blender. Kit Preferences Between Blender version installs, or different computers, you can transfer the keKit prefs file from the user config folder. • Export/Import keKit prefs in the add-on preferences. └─ Note: Does NOT contain shortcuts, only keKit settings. General Use • keKit is found in the 3d viewport tabs (the "N-panel") • Mouse-hover over each script in the keKit panels for tool-tip pop-ups. • Right mouse button for shortcut assignment: └─ No keKit-default shortcuts are preset - you manage your own shortcuts. Known Issues • keKit is (reported to be) incompatible with 'Simple Tabs'(and similar): └─ Add keKit to the "exclude" feature in Simple Tabs prefs.
--- LINKS --- ▸ keKit demos & other videos on YouTube ▸ Public feedback & discussion at BlenderArtists ▸ Former keKit "Modes Module" is available as stand-alone add-on: HERE VIDEO DEMO --- RELEASE NOTES ---
v2.22 Radial Instances (NEW) • Modal circular linked-duplication with re-activation feature. • No modifiers, no geo-nodes. • Place CURSOR as center. 'Hub' axis is the SELECTED OBJECT axis facing you/view. VIDEO (YT) Linear Array - Instances (Upd/NEW) • A new feature for Linear Array (not a separate operator like Radial Instances) • Converts to Duplicated Linked-Data Mesh Objects (aka 'Instances') - This "finalizes" the live modal LA modifier • Also available as a shortcut during Modal in the regular Linear Array. - Meaning, you can re-activate the LA modal and "finalize" to instances at any time • (Linux) Added support for unsupported keys (such as GRLESS) as "Y" (This) VIDEO Extract & Extrude (ExEx) (NEW) • Extracts mesh selection, offsets and extrudes. • Duplication panel. • Adjustments in the redo-panel. VIDEO Cursor Fit & Align (Upd/Fix) - Improved alignments - Between separate island selection align support - Fixed z-rotation issue in object mode Copy+ (Upd) - Cut+/Copy+/Paste+ rewritten (again!) - Now uses the native copybuffer (temp-export method) in both Object & Edit Mode - Paste+ Merge option for Object Mode re-instated: (Auto-Merges if Mesh Object is selected when pasting) Extract & Edit (Upd/NEW) - Itemize & E&E are now combined into ONE operator (using the E&E name). - All options are available in the shortcut-editor. Build-your-own variant! IMAGE Unrotator (Upd) - Group Move Feature added: Using temp-parenting to place multi-object selections VIDEO - Multi Object Clear Rotation support: Each cleared when pointing at selected obj. - Fixed (Modal Object Mode) Center Snap: Will now snap to the face under the mouse when done (not when starting) - Options in the redo-panel are now the same as the keKit panel props StepRotate (Upd) - StepRotate Pie Menu : Added loc, scl, (& both) 'clear'. - Added StepRotate 90/-90 buttons (for shortcut assignment, e.g: modifiers+mouse wheel) IMAGE VIDEO Context Delete (Fix) - Smart-Delete Mode Fix: Dissolve invalid geo (e.g. line edges) will now delete FitPrim (Upd/Fix) - When selecting all geo in the default cube now warns, not error msg (invalid selection) - Void Clone: Non-mesh obj support (Just a alt. duplication method) VIDEO Context Select (Upd/New) - Collection Select Option: Selects all other objects in the selected object's collection Context Connect (Fix) - Fixed knife-only bug with multiple objects selected Snapping Combos (Upd) - Snapping Combos: Naming menu & Snapping Menu: Added reference slot numbers & the color icons for clarity IMAGE Misc Panel Updates - Removed "Save prefs" reminders in pop-over info, no longer needed keKIT : Modes Module (Upd) - This module is now only available as a separate Add-on HERE VIDEO DEMO
v2.21 Installation (Fix) • Fixed activate issue for add-on for fresh installs
v2.20 Unrotator (Upd) • Added grid placement functionality (Object & Edit Mode) └─ When pointing over nothing, selection will be placed on the grid └─ Placement options: VIDEO Align Origin To Selected (Upd) • Added Invert z-axis Toggle. Default on. (Easier new bottom orientation) Itemize (upd) • keKit panel entry restored. Why not.
v2.19 Copy+ (Fix) • (Cut+) Automatically makes sure object is actually selected (not context only) • Undo improvement. Extract&Edit (upd) • Itemize has been integrated with E&E, as a toggle. └─ No difference to E&E other than that there can be transforms now └─ Copy variant deprecated. (Dupe before E&E, save a shortcut) Itemize (upd) • Deprecated. (Operator still available, until the next update)
--- BACK LOG --- Complete Update Back-log [EOF]