keKit [Blender] - FAQ

Q: "What is it?"

A: The kit is a collection of my scripts for Blender 2.8+.
For people only familiar with the Blender ecosystem & terminology; a "script" is equivalent to a single-purpose add-on, more or less, and the "kit" is a collection of these. An add-on with lots of add-ons, if that helps.

If you are (still) confused about "add-ons", "scripts" & keKit - you should probably not be installing keKit.

Q: "How do you pronounce "keKit"?

A: TLDR: Any way you like.
L: If you didn't know, the name is just my initials + kit. English speakers usually say either "kay-ee kit" or "key kit". I say "Qué kit". I do like the "key kit" version though - makes it sound like the kit is...key. (I'm sorry.) But it doesn't matter.

Q: "But what does everything do? Where is the documentation?"

A: There's a link to the WIKI on the keKit page, as well as Release Notes for the latest changes. Also, almost every item has a mouse-over pop-up description (in Blender), with a brief summary.

Q: "Can you make voiced video tutorials on the entire kit? And for all your other add-ons too? And show example workflows? And make sure all the videos are kept up to date?"

A: Probably not realistic.

Q: "Why are you making it?"

A: A couple of reasons (in no particular order):
 •  Making tools that work the way I want them to work.
 •  Optimize my workflow (a lot of "click-reduction" macro code)
 •  Exploring add-on development for Blender.
 •  It is also gratifying to make tools that others enjoy using.

P.S. I don't focus too much on modifier-heavy workflows, as there are already a lot of add-ons that are more focused on those areas (like Hardops, Fluent, Speedflow etc.) Plus, I don't work full time as a modeler...

Q: "Did you know this or that add-on has a similar feature?"

A: I do try to find other existing add-ons to use before writing my own solution, if it's not super trivial. Sometimes succesfully, but, sometimes it is not really what I want and I just do my own thing - Usually because the alternative is not exactly right or too complex / clicky (for me)...and sometimes I just fail to find add-ons that might have sufficed. C’est la vie.

Q: "Why is there a paid version?"

A: "Pro" (paid) versions of are intended for professionals / studios / companies that may want to be able to rely on guaranteed & prioritized support.
The "Standard" versions are Donation/Tip-ware - I appreciate every donation/tip I recieve - it does give me a little extra motivation!

Q: "Will you put it on Github (or similar)?"

A: When I am no longer able or willing to actively develop the add-on as much as I do now, I will be "Open Sourcing" it on GitHub (or similar) to make it easier for others to either contribute, and maybe even 'take over'. It is of course already "open source", but y'know, symbolically.

P.S. I do *have* a Github repo! Check it out.