Image 2 Mesh [keI2M]

Pro Version      2.0    2023-09-19 ISO8601 - Supported: Blender 3.6 LTS, Current release (4+) 
Standard Version 1.307  2024-05-15 ISO8601 - No support or updates 
Copyright © Kjell Emanuelsson - Blender GNU General Public License [GPLv3]
I2M is a Blender Add-on that lets you convert image(s) to mesh geometry.
For Concept Art, Visual FX, 3d Modeling (photo mapping / reference), etc.

Features: Plane, Screw or Boolean conversion, Auto UV Projection Setup (keep working with live UV's), Vertex Color Mode option, RGB Color-As-Alpha option (Set in Add-on prefs), Batch Processing, Alpha-Border dilation. etc.

Gumroad/Blender Market: Pro version (paid) - GitHub: Standard version (old, unsupported & free)
Pro version 2+ will be updated/patched continuously as needed - The Standard version will not be updated.
Note: These links are the only recommended sources:
DOWNLOAD (Gumroad)
DOWNLOAD (Blender Market)

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v2.0 Pro

With version 2 I2M was completely rewritten, streamlined and optimized:

v1.307 Standard

Fix: Version checking bug (Fix not needed for 2.0 Pro)

v1.413 Pro & v1.305 Standard

v1.412 Pro & v1.304 Standard

v1.411 Pro & v1.303 Standard

v1.41 Pro

v1.302 Standard

v1.4 Pro

v1.301 Standard

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