Image 2 Mesh [keI2M]

Version 1.2   2023-01-05 ISO8601
Copyright © Kjell Emanuelsson - Blender GNU General Public License [GPLv3]
Note: Only the current stable public release of Blender is supported. May or may not work on old (2.8+) or Beta releases.

I2M is a Blender Add-on that lets you convert image(s) to mesh geometry. Used for Concept Art, Visual FX, 3d Modeling (photo mapping / reference), etc.
Features: Plane, Screw or Boolean conversion, Auto UV Projection Setup (keep working with live UV's), Vertex Color Mode option, RGB Color-As-Alpha option (Set in Add-on prefs), Batch Processing, Alpha-Border dilation. etc.
Donation-ware: If you find use for it, consider donating! ┌──────────┐ │ DOWNLOAD │ └──────────┘ (--> Gumroad) --- LINKS --- ‣ Initial Demo Video on: YouTube ‣ 1.005 Update Demo Video on: YouTube ‣ Public feedback & discussion at BlenderArtists --- UPDATES ---
v1.2Added Custom Size options: └─ Autofit: (The old default) Automatically fits all resolutions to 1 Blender Unit (1m) └─ Width: Set a custom width/size in BU (meter) └─ Pixel Width: Set pixel size in BU (meter) (Mesh Width = Pixel Width * Work Res") EXAMPLE VIDEO • Automatic update-check has been removed. No need - Not that many updates
v1.1Added Color 2 Material Mode └─ Assigns a material by most common colors, with a threshold value. IMAGE └─ Works with or without Alpha/RGB-as-alpha:IMAGE (Worst case example - 1k+ high detail images will be slow. Smoothing not recommended.) └─ Adjust material outlines with smoothing value. IMAGE (Tip: Automatic, will not work for all cases: Disable, and use manual smooth-tool for tricky cases.) └─ Please Note: c2m mode is intended for distinct color-separation: "Busy" images will not work: IMAGE • Color reduction threshold option added for Vertex Color Mode. IMAGE • Custom panel location fixed - Assign the kit location in Add-on prefs. • Add-on category changed from "Modeling" to "Import-Export"
v1.007 • Add Border Expand feature (dilation). Also works in rgb mode.IMAGE • Added support for using the same image file on all 3 boolean slots (Front, Right & Top) • Fix rounding error (bottom left mesh faces were offset issue, noticable on low res) IMAGE • Fix “reverse” tolerance in rbg mode (behaves more like the alpha slider now) • Fixed some object invalidation issues when switching between to & from boolean geo ops
v1.006 • Batch Process bug fixed (invalid screw flip property when redoing batch) v1.005 • Custom Work Resolution • Vertex Color Mode (or, “retro pixel gfx mode”) └─ Uses vertex colors instead of the texture for each face converted from the image pixels. v1.004 • Fixed Console Text Output Total count error v1.003 • Fixed update notification link : should go directly to gumroad instead of 404 the next update ;> v1.002 • Added Batch Processing operator for PLANE and SCREW modes. └─ Uses last used settings: Load just one image first to tweak settings before batching an entire folder. └─ Bools are not (& will not be) batchable. v1.001 • Better Dissolve (and just one now). Worst Case-ish example IMAGE 1K @ ~1 minute (old 12C) • User RGB instead of Alpha option (in add-on prefs)