World Texture - Render Pass Baking [keWT]

Version 1.002   2023-02-10 ISO8601
Copyright © Kjell Emanuelsson - Blender GNU General Public License [GPLv3]
Note: Only the current stable public release of Blender is supported. May or may not work on old (2.8+) or Beta releases.
Render Pass Baking Add-On for Blender
- Near instant "baking" time using a custom blend-file setup (Add-on Automated)
- Made for EEVEE, but supports Cycles too.
- No 2x resolution necessary (AA comp nodes)
- Non-square resolutions supported (in power of two)
- Height map, AO, Roughness, Metallic, Emissive outputs and more...
- Automatic frame-padding removal
- Automated pipeline, for file & folder naming and creation

Donation-ware: If you find use for it, consider donating!
DOWNLOAD (Gumroad)

--- MANUAL ---
Note: Included in Gumroad-zip download
Download PDF: keWT Manual

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--- UPDATES ---
v1.002 - Removed Automatic Update Check & Fixed Doc Url
v1.0   - Release