keKit [MODO]

Version 1.306   2023-04-27 ISO8601
Copyright © Kjell Emanuelsson -  MIT License
Python3 (modo 15+) is supported. Should™ work on older versions. Note: No longer in active development.
keKit for MODO:
• Provides extensive options for customizing & optimizing workflows.
• Contains dozens & dozens of scripts; tools, macros and pie-menus etc.
+ The most recent updates are in the Release Notes below

Donation-ware: If you find use for it, consider donating!
DOWNLOAD (Gumroad)

  • Open user content folder (available in modo system menu),
    put the kit folder in the plugin folder.
    Installation Video Tutorial

  • Overwrite the old kit!

Usage Instructions
  • Mouse-hover over each script in the kit in modo, or,
    read header info directly in the .py files in a text editor.

--- LINKS ---

▸ keKit MODO demos & other videos on YouTube
▸ Public feedback & discussion at Foundry MODO Forum

Update 1.306
- FitPrim : Reverted changes due to format() bug.
Note: keKit versions v1.303 -> 1.306 are now all available on Gumroad

Update 1.305
- Convex Hull : Fixed Element Mode bugs (should now work in element mode + multi item element mode. only tested on modo 10)

Update 1.304
- Python3+ conversion issues fixed (probably!)
- Hotkey assignment bug for Item Mode Toggle fixed
- Kit Menu cleanup & version nr fix
- Added Fill-Slicer script to menu (was already included, just not in the menu): Contextual tool, see tool-tip for modes.

Update 1.303
- Converted scripts for Python 3 support. (Consider it a beta, as it is pretty much untested.) keKit 1.301 is still available on gumroad for 2.7.

Update 1.301 
- Fixed selection bug in Bounding Box script: It will now create a bbox around a selection (or all if nothing is selected, as is the modo way.) Both in world space mode and local space (item rotation) mode.

Update 1.3
- (Misc) Added Item Mode Toggle. Toggles between item and element mode, and remembers which mode you were in. (like in blender, for example)
also - Minor tweaks, and version nr bump just to give a slightly better status comparison to the blender kit version nr.

Update 1.165
- Added new mode for Nailgun to parent instances to target mesh - use tool choice in nail gun menu and ctrl-shift to map hotkey.

Update 1.161
- Updated Unrotator - Fixed "center" mode.

Update 1.16 
- Updated Mouse Mirror : Added "Merge" alternative; merges mirror geo + UV-mirror & offset to avoid mirrortangled uvs). +optimization.

Update 1.155 
- Added DupeToPoly : dupes first selected item to all faces in last selected item (with optional arguments in the menu).

Update 1.154
- Updated SnapMode 1.1  (snapping modes in pie-menu)
- Transform tools are now reselected also in Item mode.

Update 1.153 
- Fixed FitPrim two-vert mode offset bug when used across two mesh layers (item transforms).

Update 1.152 
- ACTUALLY Fixed bug in FitPrim - where single poly fitting used the wrong sizes.

Update 1.151
- Fixed bug in FitPrim - where single poly fitting used the wrong sizes.

Update 1.15
- Added Convex Hull 1.0 (and Convex Hull Each) script. Video.
- Also, changed the hotkey for assigning hotkeys to CTRL-SHIFT, instead of just CTRL.

Update 1.13
- Fixes for Replace All with Last : Unparenting / Instance source replacement issues fixed + selecting result now.

Update 1.12
- Minor fix for ke_atlastexelmap.py - removed pack line as it wont work on certain versions for some reason (not rly needed anyways...)

Update 1.11 
- Fixed Unrotator 1.4 - Item placement should work now, also using target geo normals for placement for better subd placement.

Update 1.1
- Added new scripts: Randomize Items, Atlas & Texel UV-map, MakePoly & UV.  Also updated Cavity Bridge, so it does'nt merge -all- the verts.

Update 1.072
- Added new script: Replace All with Last.  Turns ALL selected items into the same as the LAST selected - with the individual transforms intact. Like this.

Update 1.071
- Added new mode to Unrotator: Center - places geo to target geometrys centerpoint (in the middle of faces).

Update 1.07
- Unwrapper 2.0 added (in UV-pie). I prob should do a video...maybe later - Just try it in the UV pie and/or read the script header for now ;>
- Also, ContextJoin & Collapse updated with multi-layer (+ unselected, but active "foreground" layers) support.

Update 1.065
- Added ContextJoin and ContextCollapse (will use resp. join or collapse depending on selection type) along with my Merge & Tools pie menu.

Update 1.064 
- Added Crease Weight script & pie menu. Also added edge weighting pie menus.

Update 1.063
- Fit2Grid v1.2 Update - Fixed value input bug + Added better micrometer support & micrometer fit2grid pie

Update 1.062
- Material Backup (will backup unused materials), SelectMoreUntilLoop & Select Parents (selects selections parents instead - for grouped)  added.

Update 1.061
- Fit2Grid v1.1 Update - Added user value prompt (argument) for custom grid size (This variant is also in the menu, not just in the pie.)

Update 1.06
- Added Arrange Items, Switch Places, Purge Images and Purge All. Also made changes to Cavity Bridge. Video.

Update 1.05
- Retube 1.0 , Quick Tube Scale, Unrotator "selection only" mode + bugfixes, piemenus.  Video.

Update 1.042
- CavityBridge 1.1 - Adressed pretty bad bug ! Should work a lot better for heavily subdivided edges now!

Update 1.041
-  MouseFlip1.3 : Fixed various re-selection bugs & issues!

Update 1.040
- Added CavityBridge 1.0. Video.

Update 1.038
- MatchCenters fix - filters selection, only mesh items (for now)

Update 1.038
- Added MatchCenters script. Added new modes for Center2Selected + visibility fix. Visibility & (no) selection fix for Unrotator.

Update 1.037 
- Fixed & Added new toolmode for bbox: Local (uses item transforms for orientation) + (working in both world space and local space)

Update 1.037
- MouseMirror 2.0 - Functionality change : In POLY MODE now only mirrors SELECTION. VERT or EDGE selection will CONNECT.

Update 1.036
- Unrotator 1.23 - bugfix! doh.

Update 1.036
- Unrotator 1.22 (should not need using "flip"  as much now) and some adjustments to unwrapper & uvplanarselected.

Update 1.035
- Added ke_fit2grid v1.0
Snaps every selected vert from element selection (or all verts, if in item mode) to nearest grid position as specified.
Meant for low poly use, a few verts at a time - will be very very slow on > 1k vert selections.
- Verts already on the specified grid will not be fit to grid.
- See the count of fitted verts in the event log.
- Fitted verts will be selected. ( set "select_fitted" variable to False to skip. )
- Could be useful just to check if you are actually on grid...
- Assuming metric units used (meters: just convert the arguments (yourself!) in the pie cfg if needed;>)

Update 1.034
- Added ke_slice and ke_fillslicer (unlisted) + ke_edgesplit (unlisted) -bugfixes to ke_center2selected (works in item mode now...) and TripleSplitSpin.

Update 1.033
- Updated TripleSplitSpin 1.3 - Added default split behaviour mode (splits all polys sharing verts)

Update 1.032
- Updated TripleSplitSpin 1.2 - Now stand alone! Also, has spikey! (see video here)

Update 1.021
- Updated Unrotator with edge selection tweak.

Update 1.02
- Added Mesh Item (& instance) support to Mouse Mirror & Mouse Flip (+ pie menu w. macro)

Update 1.0
- Somewhat final - added Unrotator, CircleQuad +some minor tweaks & stuff. Some scripts have been replaced in the menu, still in the kit tho.

Update 0.21
- Nailgun 1.0

Update 0.2
- Speed improvements: Nailgun (Major), QuickPaste (minor), also added the slots to Nailgun, finally. new script "placeItemThere"

Update 0.15
- Added Rot2GroundCenter, offsetWP2sel, RotWPy90 +  pie menu update.